ApowerEdit for Mac was Released

ApowerEdit for Mac was Released

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To meet the needs of Mac users for editing video, Apowersoft released ApowerEdit for Mac on 28th, September, 2018. Just import your footage to this program and then you can create any kind of stunning presentations like marketing video, software overview, wedding slideshow, etc. I believe you will be impressed by its intuitive interface and practical features. Let’s download ApowerEdit for Mac now and start creating your work!


Awesome Features of ApowerEdit for Mac

1. Support Main Media Formats

This video editor supports the popular video (MP4, MOV), audio (MP3, AAC) and image (JPG, PNG, HEIC) formats. There are two simple methods to import your media files or folder: one is by drag-and-drop and another is by clicking “Import” > “Import file/folder” buttons.

import files

2. Provide Lots of Text, Filter and Transition Templates

All of the text, filter and transition templates included in this tool are crafted professionally by our designers. According to your usage scenarios, you can pick out one of the most appropriate cool texts, stylish filters, or dynamic transitions to enhance your video!

templates provided

3. Split Video and Audio Accurately

Often, your video footage might contain unnecessary contents such as ads, pauses, unclear parts and so on. ApowerEdit for Mac comes with a simple yet effective video splitter which offers you the ability to cut down the unwanted segments precisely and delete them. You can click the “Previous frame” and “Next frame” in the Preview area to locate the exact part which you want to remove from your video.

split video

You can also move the audio file on the Audio track freely and cut down its length, then remove unwanted clips instantly using its splitting function.

4. Crop Video with or Without Keeping Aspect Ratio

Don’t want to see the annoying people or other objects in your video? Just go to use its cropping function to remove the unwanted portions. You can choose to whether keep the aspect ratio or not while cropping the video file.

crop video

5. Detach Audio from Video

If you don’t like the original audio included in the video, you can detach the audio from video and replace it with a new audio file. Or if you want to get the audio only from the video, just choose to detach audio from video and export the audio file.

detach audio from video

6. Make PIP (Picture-in-Picture) Video

Ever wanted to create a PIP effect video for conveying more information to your viewers? This video editor allows you to add an image or a video onto the PIP track. That is to say, you can share two videos on one screen at the same time or embed an image into your video. It gives you the easy ways to move and crop the video or image you added onto the PIP track.

make PIP video

7. Export as Video or Audio File

After editing video using this video editor for Mac, you can choose to export it as a video or an audio file. It supports exporting as the popular video formats like MP4, MOV and MP3 audio format, which can be compatible with any kind of your digital devices or multi-media players. Besides setting the video format, you are also allowed to customize the resolution. You can choose any kind of resolutions: 640×480, 1280×720, 1920×1080 – whichever you like!

export video


Using this video editing software, you can add special titles, captions, filters, transitions, split and remove segments, crop video, replace background audio, create PIP video, etc. All in all, ApowerEdit for Mac can transform your footage into a stunning video with just a few clicks. Do you still hesitate to choose which program for editing video on your Mac computer? Simply click the Download button to get this great video editor right now! You will like it very much.


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