ApowerMirror was Released with New Features

ApowerMirror was Released with New Features

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As an arguably omniscient mirroring assistant, it is safe to say ApowerMirror has an advantage over other competitors in terms of performance and user experience. Continuous innovation guarantees popularity that the software boasts of among users. And recently ApowerMirror announced another update, including more practical and wonderful new features. Benefiting from the update you can sync screen between your phone and PC or TV directly with a small, yet powerful PIN code. And a superb full-screen layout accommodating at most four devices is made possible.


More details about new excellent functions

Mirror PC to TV

Following its mobile version for TV, ApowerMirror updated its desktop version to better accommodate the demand of screen sharing between PC and TV. The new PC program can directly sync screen to TV via PIN code connection. Users can make and design various PPT, Word and Excel files on computer at first. And desktop ApowerMirror can help you cast the display directly onto a larger scenario of TV, assisting you in giving more concise and efficient presentations to your colleagues or students.

mirror pc to tv

Connect via PIN Code

As the description mentioned above, another fresh feature announced here is PIN code connection. Users can easily stream their phone to PC or a smart TV via a PIN code. On your smart TV and desktop software there is a unique PIN code on the app interface, and users just need to connect both mirroring and receiving devices to the same WiFi server. Then when you mirror phone to PC/smart TV, on your phone type in the PIN code given by the receiving device. With a more stable connection, you can better enjoy mirroring whether on PC, or a smart TV.

connect via pin code

iOS Connection Notification

For iOS users, in addition to connection with the same WiFi, some adjustments are necessary to initiate successful mirroring. It may be baffling when the wireless network is unstable or other connection issues occur, and for this we have added connection notification entry to provide more targeted guidance. When no mobile phones are found, users just need to tap the notification link, then you can find detailed assistance to connect via PIN code. By following the tips there are more solutions provided for you to address possible Airplay problems.

ios notification

Four Devices Mirrored Simultaneously in Full Screen

Based on previous user experience, this version announced its more stunning update when it comes to mirroring multiple devices simultaneously. In addition to making progress in device quantity(supports four devices simultaneously), the new version also grants users an authentically full-screen experience. In earlier versions, although three devices mirrored at the same time presented good performance, users may feel baffled when they switch from one distinct screen to another, wishing a whole-screen demonstration at one sight. When it comes to certain circumstances like summarizing conferences, you can show various files on multiple phones and cast screens to give an instructive presentation. Also, you can freely take screenshots or screen recording as well as make underlining marks so that important content will be stored.

mirror 4 devices

In fact, four constituent displays are expected to showcase a visually harmonious scenario.

full screen layout


Aside from the ones mentioned above, we have also made some other restorations and innovations in this updated version. So do not hesitate to update your ApowerMirror to the latest version so that you can fully savor the amazing mirroring journey! You can try it now and if you find any issues or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.


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