ApowerREC was Released

ApowerREC was Released

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Dec.15th, 2017 – Apowersoft today announced ApowerREC, a brand new program that redefines screen recording on cross-platforms including Windows and Mac, providing a professional screen recorder experience with the help of an incredibly intuitive and accessible interface. It’s an application that combines video recorder, real-time annotation, task scheduler, video uploading, screenshot tool and more into one comprehensive program. You can get the program installed from below and check its highlighted features in the following section of this article.


Awesome Features Included in ApowerREC

1. Intelligent Panel and Overlay Toolbar

This screen recorder has an intelligent panel which is convenient indeed for controlling your process. The controller lets you quickly select region, audio, and webcam that you want to capture in the video.

cross-platforms recorder

Besides, a flexible overlay toolbar will appear once you start recording, if you don’t need to use it, drag it to one side of your computer screen and it will be packed up, which is user-friendly. You can simply use it by moving your mouse on it to show the whole toolbar, and then you can use annotation, screenshot or other tools to modify your recording.

Overlay Toolbar

2. HD Video Recording with Audio

ApowerREC is also a considerate recorder since it provides multiple recording modes for you to choose from. You can record full screen of your computer, customize a selected region, or record the region around your moving mouse. Besides, you can record webcam only, or record the webcam and screen simultaneously. As a professional recorder, ApowerREC allows you to make more vivid videos as it supports to record video together with sound from system or microphone or both. Furthermore, it also has the ability to keep videos synchronized with audio.

record video with audio

3. Real-time Screen Annotation

For those who desire to add some annotations to video while recording, ApowerREC can be an optimal choice. It provides a bunch of editing options including text, lines, rectangle, arrow, highlight, and many more. This feature helps make videos more intuitive and demonstrative, which is quite necessary especially when you are making online learning & teaching videos, presentation tutorials or other sorts of digital contents.

real-time annotation

4. Automatic Task Recording Tools

This program comes with two automatic task recording tools, one is “Task Scheduler” which is often used for creating a scheduled task for remotely recording the desired video automatically when you are not within the reach of your computer, while the other one is “Follow Recording” which is quite useful in case of capturing a certain application and end it automatically when the application exits. Both of them help facilitate users’ recording and free themselves from manual recording when they are not convenient.

automatic task recording tools

5. Easy File Management

All the recorded videos and screenshots are displayed separately on the main panel, you can easily manage them without navigating to the output folder. From there, you are allowed to view the file name, size, recording duration directly, which is more intuitive than viewing straightforwardly in the directory. The management options include view, delete, rename, select all, etc.

File management

6. Multiple Uploading Platforms

In case you might need to share the recorded video or the captured image with your friends, ApowerREC provides the access to all the major video uploading platforms including YouTube and FTP. If you are in need of uploading screenshots to free cloud space for storage and sharing, you can also upload them to screenshot.net with one click of the mouse.

multiple uploading platforms

ApowerREC is indeed a useful program intended for various purposes, no matter whether it’s for educational purposes, business presentation or entertainment usage. You can download it from the button below and enjoy all the fantastic features listed above.


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