How to Convert HEIC to PDF (Windows & Mac)

How to Convert HEIC to PDF (Windows & Mac)

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HEIC is a special image format that comes to devices running iOS 11 or later. However, this format is not available and cannot be viewed on Windows and Android, let alone store them as PDF. Thus, you need to convert HEIC to PDF is all you need to do. For most people, this process might sound a little complicated. Don’t worry! There are some programs that you can find online that offer an HEIC to PDF conversion. To avoid any hassle and turn your image to PDF with ease, we provide the trusted ways that you can utilize.

Method I: Best Way to Convert HEIC to PDF

One of the most reliable ways to turn HEIC to PDF is converting the image file into a more standard image format, such as JPG. We all know that not all devices and applications support HEIC, thus, to make this possible, you need Apowersoft Free HEIC Converter, an online tool that works solely on converting HEIC into JPG. No need to instal any additional software, you can simply make full usage of it. The good thing about this converter is that it offers an option to set the desired quality that you like for your image prior to converting. Plus, it is fast and can even batch conversion.

Free HEIC Converter

To convert HEIC file to PDF, you can follow the guide below.

  1. Go to Free HEIC Converter page. Adjust the image quality that you want for you picture, generally 100%.
  2. After that, upload your HEIC files, either by clicking the operation area to add images or dragging the files directly into the box provided. The pictures will then be uploaded and converted right away.
  3. When the process is done, a download icon will be provided opposite the file’s thumbnail. Hit the button to save your JPG files.

Download Converted JPG

To convert HEIC to PDF, we can use Free Image to PDF Online to turn JPG files to a PDF. This is another web-based application that users can access on different devices, such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that even newbies can command to convert files. With this converter, you can set the position, border color, quality, and background color before the conversion. It is a fast and reliable image to PDF converter without any pop-up advertisements.

Here’s how to convert HEIC to PDF with this tool.

  1. Visit this program’s main page. Click the “Choose File” button and import the JPG images to the website.
  2. Set background color and other parameters if you like. Then click “Convert” and wait until the process finishes.

    Add JPG Files

  3. To save the converted PDF file, just press the download icon besides the converted file.

Method II: Alternative Solution to Turn HEIC to PDF

The second tool to convert HEIC file to PDF is Aconvert. This tool serves as a direct HEIC to PDF converter for both Windows and Mac OS platforms. The interface is simple and easy to navigate. Although this program offers different methods to store the converted documents, the saving process is a little complicated.

Follow the brief steps below to convert your HEIC images to PDF with Aconvert.

  1. Visit Aconvert website and click the “Add Files” button to add at most 6 HEIC images a time.
  2. Choose the target format for conversion, in this case, select PDF.

    Aconvert Home Page

  3. When the files are loaded completely, click “Convert Now” to start the conversion.
  4. To keep the file, you can click the converted file name to view the images one by one and click the download icon to save them.

Save Converted PDF


These are two feasible ways on how to convert HEIC to PDF with ease. The first step seems a little long, but it can provide better quality than the direct ones. And it can convert multiple HEIC images into one PDF. The second program, on the other hand, can be used to process images in less time and offers a cloud storage option. But it cannot merge the pictures into one PDF. Overall, both ways work well in turning a HEIC picture into a PDF document. It depends on your personal preference on which one to use.

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