How to Record Lossless Audio on Mac

Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac is dedicated to record all sorts of sound on your Mac. With this smart Mac OS audio recorder, you can record streaming audio, radio, local files, VoIP calls, music and other kinds of audio clips coming through your speakers and microphone. As long as you can hear it, you can record it on your Mac OS X.

Top Alternatives to Mac Audio Recorder

If you are looking for satisfying audio recording software for Mac, read the articles listed here. You'll find many practical Mac audio recording tools as well as their pros & cons to help you make a better choice.

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  • Hi! I had VIP Access for a year and fell in love with this program, then I had to restore my MacBook to factory settings and now its lost :( PLEASE PLEASE! Restore my VIP so that I can use again! I can't find another program that lets me pause the recording during silence, which is what I need for my recordings! Thanks for a great product!PS I also liked and shared on Facebook and I sent the screenshot to your email address!
  • This is a very good news to me. I am searching for such kind of audio recorder for recording audio on my Mac computer. Thanks!
  • I was wondering here and there for an audio recorder for my macbook air,because I want to record an awesome song that I heard in an online TV show. I was far impressed about your program?, and I was thrilled to stumble across this free giveaway post. Hope you can offer me a free account so that I can use it to record my favorite songs and even do some audio triming tasks. Thanks. Best wishes for the whole team of apowersoft.?
  • Hello, I have used it since August 2017 for my work and study. Whenever I need to record a streaming audio/radio even if I’m not there in front of my computer, this recorder did a great help. All this depends on its simple to use but advanced functions that the users can rely on. I can not see myself recording an audio (my own audio and the recourses I need) without using this tool. Here I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to all Apowersoft support team. 
  • This program is really awesome. It can record and detect the what the music is. Very helpful, I can record any songs I love now. Thanks for the cool tool. Keep on working.
  • Mac OS 10.13.3. I was recommended to use this Apower Mac Audio Recorder, and found it light and easy to use. I have already placed an order for yearly license, and I'm here to get another yearly license.
  • Hey guysApowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is a good tool for me to record audio chats with my friends, and also music that I like. Thank you for making such a good app. Now I want to get the free vip for desktop Apowersoft Audio Recorder on Mac. I have sent the screenshot to your email, just check it. Thank you in advance. 
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