Top 5 Practical Mouse Recorders

Top 5 Practical Mouse Recorders

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There are times when we make reviews and tutorials that require a lot of mouse movements and clicks. And if you are not that into video editing, adding animations to mark the mouse movements is quite hard to do. In this case, what you need is a tool with a mouse recorder function that can capture anything surrounding your cursor. If it happens that you don’t have any idea about this type of program, then here is a list of the top recording programs that you can use on your next project.

Top Practical Mouse Recorders


A mouse movement recorder is a must-have tool if you are going to produce a video tutorial and need to emphasize every motion on your computer’s screen. And the first mouse recorder on this list is ApowerREC. This is a fully-fledged screen-recording program that offers numerous recording modes and capturing the area around your mouse is one of them. Prior to recording, you can go to “Settings” and configure some mouse settings like show mouse cursor, show clicks, and change the colors for the left or right click.

apowerrec-setting mouse

When recording your mouse movements along with clicks, there are two options you can select with this tool. First, choose the “Record around mouse” function located under the “Record” menu at the left upper area of the app. After that, select the size of the area that you want to record around the cursor and the recording will start immediately. Meanwhile, the second function is available at the recording toolbar. To utilize it, simply click on “Spotlight” and hit it again to turn it off

actual recording

In addition, this program also offers other useful functions like video trimming, adding watermarks and an intro, task scheduler, etc. You can check out more of these functions by getting the app from the link below.



Another tool with a free mouse recorder function is called Camtica. This program is a decent screen-recording tool with built-in mouse recording capabilities that can make your tasks easier. By using this program you can specifically show your cursor and its surroundings as you move and click. It also offers whole screen and regional screen recording modes, plus it can capture audio and webcam feeds as well. So whenever you need to record your mouse while making demonstrations, presentations, tutorials, etc., you can check out this program.

capture mouse


Bandicam is another program that you need to check if you are looking for a tool that can record your mouse movements. We all know this program as a reliable application that has been providing its users with screen recording functions for more than a decade now. This mouse recorder can be initiated by selecting it from the list of recording modes. After that, just choose the area that will be captured around the mouse, click the record button and you’re ready to go. Moreover, webcam and audio recording are also supported by this program, so it comes in handy when making reviews and commentaries that involve your webcam footage.

record cursor with bandicam

IceCream Screen Recorder

If an online mouse recorder doesn’t suit your needs, then this next tool might just be the one you are looking for. This program that I’m referring to is called IceCream Screen Recorder. Just like the other tools that we mentioned above, the mouse recording function of this app can also be activated by choosing it from the list of screen recording functions. Simply choose “Around mouse” mode and you’ll be given default size presets for the area that will be captured around your mouse pointer. But please note that there will be no recording bar while using this function, so it is better to set a hotkey prior you starting the recording.

ice cream recorder interface


The last tool that provides a mouse-recording capability is Bytescout. Maybe you’re not that familiar with this program, but it is indeed a good application that you can use to record your mouse activities along with your screen and audio. The other features that this program offers include use region highlighting and hot-spots, as well as supporting lossless video codec, and it also comes with ActiveX and DirectShow recorder components. So by utilizing this program, expect a good quality video recording output everytime you record your mouse movements.

recording mouse


Those are the best Windows mouse recorders that you can use to finish your tasks easier and even better than usual. All of the applications discussed above work almost the same when recording the cursor’s surroundings as you move it around. However, they do differ in regards to their other features and functions. It’s better to try them all to see which one fits your preferences. Just be reminded that these are solely mouse recorders and not macro recorders. Macro recorders are separate apps and I will tackle them in another article at another time. For any comments and suggestions feel free to leave them in the section below.

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