Online Watermark Remover

One click to remove watermark from photo and video

Remove Watermark from Image

(Supported formats: jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, tif, tiff)

Remove Watermark from Video

(Supported formats: mp4, mkv, flv, mov, wmv, webm, 3gp, avi, asf, m4v, mpeg, mpg, ts)

  • File Security
    Files will be deleted from our server permanently. We 100% guarantee the security of your file
  • Efficient Removal
    Erase multiple watermarks at a time. More efficiency on processing batch files
  • No Installation
    Remove the watermark on our web server. No risk of the infection of the computer by viruses



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Easily remove watermarks & Convenient to get great results

No computer skills are needed. One click to remove watermark while keeping the high quality

Remove Watermark from Image

Batch remove watermarks and any other unwanted elements from photos without degrading the quality

Remove Watermark from Video

Supports multiple formats. Delete watermarks, logos, texts, and any objects from video with one click

Why Choose Us?

  • 5-star recommended

    I absolutely hate downloadable programs as I've encountered viruses and malware from such things.I now work mostly with online tools like this one. Very cool site for removing unwanted objects.


  • 5-star recommended

    The best tool of its kind I have used in recent years. It's been several months since I got it and I have since removed dozens of watermarks from my photos.


  • 5-star recommended

    Very nice service. Totally free and clean. It helped me remove a date on my photograph magically. Thank you for developing such a great site.


  • 5-star recommend

    Amazing watermark remover software. I can choose one area and apply it to all pictures. No need to set themone by one. Thanks a million.


    Free select any watermarks & quickly remove them in batch

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