Restore Deleted Safari Bookmarks on iPad

Restore Deleted Safari Bookmarks on iPad

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Do you love surfing the internet? Do you follow tons of websites, never missing updates and latest posts? Do you wish there was something that can remember them all, so you don’t need to memorize each and every web address? Luckily, most smartphones and tablets, especially iPads, are equipped with a very smart tool, called Bookmarks. You can find it on your native iPad browser, Safari. Bookmarks can hold loads of web addresses. But what if you lose or accidentally delete your saved bookmarks? Are you suffering from accidentally deleting all your saved safari bookmarks? Or worse, did the kids play on your tablet and unintentionally erased your data? No need to worry as there are easy ways on how to restore lost iPad safari bookmarks; see them below.


4 Ways to Restore Safari Bookmarks from iPad

There are 4 possible methods you use to reinstate all that lost data. All of them are proven to be easy-to-follow not to mention effective. From free techniques to software that can do tons of things more than just restore deleted iPad bookmarks, discover your opinions next.

Method 1: Restore Deleted Bookmarks on iPad with ApowerRescue

Using this software will let you restore all your important data on your device. Not only can it restore missing safari bookmarks on iPad, but it can also recover deleted SMS, contacts, call lists, voice memos, notes, videos, reminders and more from your device. Additionally, there is a preview function, so you don’t need to guess what document or bookmark to restore. It supports nearly all versions of iPad from the first generation tablet to the latest retina iPad mini displays. ApowerRescue uses 3 types of recovery modes, namely, to recover directly from your device, to recover from iTunes backup, or to recover from iCloud backup. Up to 12 types of files can be recovered on your iPad and iPhone(regardless of the version). Using it is simple; follow these steps below:

  • Download and install the latest version of the software by clicking the link below.Download
  • Connect the iPad to your computer using a USB cable.
  • On the main interface, check “Safari Bookmarks” and click on the “Start Scan” button. Then wait a moment for ApowerRescue to scan your iPad.
    Start Scan Safari Bookmarks
  • Check “Safari Bookmarks” on the left to select all, or select certain bookmarks in the preview area. Click the “Recover to computer” button to recover them.
    Restore Safari Bookmarks
    Tips: You can also restore missing safari bookmarks on iPad from iTunes or iCloud backup. You just need to choose the other recovery options on the main interface. Select the appropriate backup files, wait for ApowerRescue to scan the backup files, and then choose to recover the specific files.

Method 2: Restore iPad Safari Bookmarks from iTunes

If you recently backed up your iPad using iTunes, you can use this restore point to recover deleted bookmarks. Before using iTunes backup, make sure you have disabled auto-synchronization. This is to avoid iTunes from making a newer backup, erasing your previous data. Connect the iPad to your computer then follow the instructions.

Restore iPad from iTunes

Method 3: Restore iPad Bookmarks from iCloud

Should you happen to have an iCloud account, you can use it to restore deleted bookmarks from an iPad. First, you need to turn off or disconnect from the internet immediately. This is to prevent automatic syncing of the device. Head on to settings, click on your Apple account, and choose iCloud. Turn off “Safari” and click on “Keep on my iPhone”. Then turn on text messages and click “merge” and wait for the Safari Bookmarks to be restored.

Manage Safari bookmarks

Method 4: Restore Bookmarks on iPad by Rebooting the Device

You can try rebooting the device first and see if it can still recover deleted bookmarks. Here’s how:

  • Press both the home button and sleep/wake buttons at the same time for 10-15 seconds.
  • Wait until the apple logo appears on the screen. Then you can release the buttons.

If it still doesn’t work, try resetting the device:

  • Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Reset All Settings”.
  • No worries, as this will not delete any media or data from your iPad.
Reset iPad

Important Tips:

Try cleaning out your safari’s cache and history. This would equally solve issues regarding safari not adding bookmarks into the browser.

  • Head to “Settings” and locate the safari setting menu item.
  • Hit “Clear History and Website Data”.
Clear Safari History


With our fast and ever-increasing world of technology, most things we do today are based on the internet. Reading news, knowing the latest scene when it comes to gadget and technology, watching favorite movies, listening to music, and even working can now be done using the internet. To this end, remembering all the websites that we visit from day to day is a big challenge. With bookmarks, you don’t need to recall all those symbols and letters. All you need to do is tap and save it on your iPad and you’re done. This is the importance of bookmarks, so never lose them again with the above methods to restore bookmarks on iPad.

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    My MacBook Pro couldn't work well so I used my wife's iPad. Oh, my God. I deleted all the bookmarks stored on the iPad Safari browser. If I couldn't restore deleted Safari bookmarks from iPad, my wife would kill me. I just came across this useful article while browsing on the internet. Tried iPhone data recovery on my computer and it worked! Thanks Buddy.
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