Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro 1.0 Released

Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro 1.0 Released

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Today, Apowersoft is proud to announce the release of Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro – the first version of this handy screenshot software. The tool makes it easy for you to get the screenshot grabbing experience that you always wanted in a simple and fast way.

What makes this program stand out is the fact that you can customize the snapshots with either simple or advanced editor as you need. This is what allows the application to be used in different fields of work, because of flexible options. Moreover, you can share the stuff to social accounts within a single click.


Key Features of Screen Capture Pro

Let’s take a look at the distinctive features of this handy tool.

1. Capture Anything on Screen

Whenever you want to capture a screenshot for any portion or window on your computer, this tool enables you to handle it within just a few clicks. On the main interface, you will be given 10 capture modes that can deal with screen capture in all situations. The innovative modes like menu capture and scroll window capture have added a lot of convenience. When you have chosen a capture mode, you can go to configure the settings and output formats as illustrated in the beneath graph. After that, hit the camera icon to capture the things you need.

2. Edit Screenshot and Other Images

Upon the creation of a screenshot, you can opt to the editor you prefer and add annotations or other elements to polish the image. In quick editor pane, you’re given the options of shapes, lines, text, highlights and more to annotate your image.

quick editor

And in advanced image editor, you can access even more options to highly customize your screenshot. Options like image effects, styles of different shapes, fill, brush, resize and others will surely satisfy your needs.


Further, in the view tab, you could check the edited images in thumbnail view or full screen.

View of image editor

Despite the ability of editing screenshots, this tool also offers the ability to import images and edit them at your own pace.

3. Upload and Share Your Screenshot

Alongside the above features, Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro also brings you a free storage service where you can upload your images. This is very helpful because you can access your images quickly on other computers. If you want everything to run smoothly, you can even further protect your images by adding password protection as well. Once you’re done with the upload, you will receive a link to the image. Moreover, you’re allowed to share your images to social accounts directly, too. The sharing options and upload options are available on the top menu of main interface, quick editor bar and advanced editor panel.

upload image

4. Others

On the left-side of the main interface, you will see a “Quick Launch” pane which lets you connect to advanced image editor, web-based application of webpage capture and image uploader. These settings have definitely broadened the capacity of this tool.

quick launch panel

If you want to capture a pop-up or menu which will appear with a delay in time, then you’re able to use the menu capture mode which gives you 5 seconds to prepare before capturing. Otherwise, you could also utilize the “Delay in Capture” option to do it in more flexible way.

delay in capture

Overall, Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro successfully provides a nice one-stop solution through which you can capture, edit and share the desktop and web content you want. The app is well worth it for any desktop users in their digital life, so you should try to check it out!


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